13. Cancellation of transactions will be done in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law 1981. Cancellation and change
transaction (hereinafter: the “Consumer Protection Law”).
If all the conditions listed below are met (without exception from the rule) a reduced cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction price or NIS 100 will apply according to The lowest among them:

13.1 The order was placed via telephone or internet directly by the consumer as defined by him
In the Consumer Protection Law) “Consumer” – a person who buys an asset or receives a service engaged in the process
His occupation is for use that is mainly personal, domestic or family.

13.2. The reservation was made seven days or more (which are not rest days) from the departure date.

13.3. The consumer canceled the order in writing within 5 days of placing the order.

13.4. The cancellation is made at least 3 days that are not rest days before the departure date.

13.5. The consumer will be charged a 13% cancellation fee after ordering. If not canceled 24 hours until
The actual flight date will be charged at 50% of the purchase value.

13.6. Cancellation in writing must be sent to the email discovery.flights.israel@gmail.com, a number must be specified
Phone for a call back by our representatives.

13.7. Any case of cancellation/modification of the order will be made by written notice only and subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law. The determining cancellation/change date will be the date of receipt of the email at the Discovery Plates offices. If the day of receipt of the notice is a day of rest, the day of cancellation/change will be considered the first day after the day of rest.
The cancellation will only take effect if the passenger has received a cancellation confirmation from a Discovery Plates representative.

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